Saturday, 1 September 2018

Reluctant Traveller is Back!

I feel so guilty having neglected this blog for so long.  Yes, I have been busy with Missing Sleep but still it’s no excuse.  I need to save some energy to keep Reluctant Traveller going!  Especially as we have travel plans to make now we have booked to go to Dubai!  I think I am a bit of a theme park junky as I love discovering new ones.  Apparently, the ones in Dubai have shorter queues than Disney so I am keeping my fingers crossed that it’s still true!

Our Florida Holiday

But first I should really have told you about our Florida trip!  Back in October I told you guys I had booked it but then never told you how we got on!  May finally came around and we set off on the trip of a lifetime!  We spent £8k in total on food, spends, flights, transport, hotel and attraction tickets.  So, all in I don’t think that was too bad considering we didn’t hold back on anything.  We visited lots of attractions and ate out most of the time.  We aren’t big spenders on shopping though, so I guess if you are a fan of the Malls that figure could soon increase dramatically!  Our total shopping was a few bath products, a couple of t-shirts and some American sweets.

Planning our Florida Trip

I felt we got a lot out of our trip.  But I do put that down to the planning!  I painstakingly researched all the attractions to get the most out of them.  For example, we booked a night in a Universal Hotel to get the benefit of the two day fast passes for the parks.  This was such a treat then as it meant two days of minimal queuing!  Although I would say Universal seems quieter than Disney parks.  As we came back a third day without fast passes and some of the queues were bearable.  But not all of them!  We got so much more out of our days with those fast passes and better seats in the shows too!

Disney Parks

We did all the Disney parks.  I would have liked to have had the energy to stay longer into the evenings but walking in the parks is exhausting!  We covered 130 miles over our 15-night stay.  If I returned I think some days I would go to the parks later, so we could watch the evening shows.  I guess as much research as you do you only learn the best way of doing things when you do the parks yourself!  I do feel we managed to cover a lot of rides and shows.  The only park I would have liked a second day at was Hollywood Studio’s.  There were a couple of things we missed, and I just didn’t have the energy to stay longer the one day we had allocated the park.

I will do a more in-depth post into what we got up to in each of the parks.  I just wanted you guys to know Reluctant Traveller is back to normal! 

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