Saturday, 8 September 2018

Our Florida Holiday: Visiting Gatorland

One of our highlights from our Florida trip in May was visiting Gatorland.  I went myself when I was a child and remember it being a good experience so was keen to introduce the boys to Gatorland.
The theme parks are amazing but so very busy, heading to Gatorland was a welcome break from the crowds.  I would recommend a visit if you happen to be in the area.  

We were very lucky and had such cheap tickets after booking our Disney and Universal combo tickets.  So, I think it cost us something like £8 each to go to Gatorland.  For that price you certainly can’t grumble!  Do check with the ticket sites to see if they have any bargains when your buying your more expensive theme park tickets.

Gatorland Shows

The boys loved seeing all the gators and the shows they put on are very good.  We watched the Gator Jumparoo Show, Gator Wrestlin’ Show and most of Up Close Encounters.  We arrived at Gatorland as it opened and stayed until about 4pm.  It was nice having a shorter day especially as it was only our second day in Florida and we wanted to ease ourselves into the pace required for the theme parks!

Seed Popsicles

The best bit at Gatorland was buying a seed popsicle and feeding the budgies.  I think it was 5 dollars for three seed popsicles.  The boys were delighted when budgies were flying over to have some seed.  Landing all over them and sitting happily on their heads!  It is such a memorable experience.

Stompin Gator Off Road Adventure

We paid a lot to do the Stompin Gator Off Road Adventure.  But it was such a hoot and something a little different!  I think we could justify spending the money as it was an unforgettable experience, one the kids still talk fondly about.

The custom-made monster truck was an exciting ride!  The commentary on the way round is quite entertaining and you even get to go through a pool of gators at the end!  Although this is only a small part of the experience.  I did think that part would have been slightly longer as that is how it was pitched to us.  Still I don’t regret spending the money booking it!

Water Play Area

This was lovely for the boys to cool off!  We hadn't bought trunks but fortunately their was a well stocked shop close by!  The lady in the shop was so friendly, very attentive and welcoming!  But do bring swimming trunks with you to save money.

The staff as a whole seemed to be nice in Gatorland!  At one point my eldest got carried off jokingly to be gator food!  He did laugh!

Don't forget to get a picture in the famous Gatorland jaws!

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