Thursday, 5 April 2018

The Experiences Every Traveller Should Have at Least Once

If you want to fully embrace your travels and make the most of your time spent abroad, you need to do more, explore more and be more. If you stick to sipping cocktails on the beach, swimming in the sea and maybe checking out a couple of the cultural highlights, then you won’t be getting the full travel experience that makes going away to far and distant lands so exciting and fulfilling.

With that in mind, here are some experiences I think every traveller should have at least once in their lives:

Sleeping Under the Sky

One experience you’ll never forget is the experience of forgoing the hotels and your creature comforts and sleeping under the stars with nothing more than a sleeping bag to keep you warm. As you look up at the beautiful night sky, you’ll feel an amazing sense of peace and connection with your surroundings. So, even if you don’t plan to camp for any length of time, book one less night at the hotel, and assuming it is safe to do so at your destination, sleep in nature.


Many people think that cruises aren’t for them - they’re for old people or people who don’t really like to explore the places they visit; people who are just there for the sunshine and the breakfast buffet, but that really isn’t the case. Today, there are more cruises offering more different and unique experiences than ever before. They also offer a unique way to explore places and see things that you wouldn’t see on the average holiday.

You don’t even have to spend all of your trip onboard because not only does pretty much every cruise stop at various ports so you can explore, but it is possible to book a port hotel at By doing this, you can spend a few days before or after the cruise exploring the surroundings.

Stay with a Host Family

You might think that this is something only students and backpackers do, but even if you’re grown up with your own family it is still possible to stay with a native family instead of staying at a hotel, thanks to the likes of, and you probably should - at least once in your life. Why? Because when you stay with a local family, you get to learn much more about the cultures and customs of the place, not to mention the great food you often get treated to! It’s a unique way to really truly explore a foreign culture.

Something Extreme

Whether it’s jumping out of a plane from 18,000 feet, swimming with the local sharks or volcano surfing, if you go your whole life travelling without trying out some of the more ‘extreme’ activities on offer, you will be missing out. They really make you glad to feel alive.

Getting Up Close with the Wildlife

Whether it’s whale watching in Alaska or looking after orphaned elephants in Thailand, spending some time with the native wildlife of the places you visit can be extremely rewarding.

What are your must-do travel experiences and how many of these experiences have you already had?

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