Tuesday, 6 March 2018

Visiting Hoo Farm

At the weekend we headed off to Telford to meet the meerkats at Hoo Farm.  I will write a bit more about that in a separate post.  I have lots of cute meerkat pictures to share that might not all squeeze in here.  So, this post can be dedicated to Hoo Farm in Telford just in case you have ever considered visiting.

First off it was such a cold morning, I would love to return when the sun is shining!  A lot of the attraction is outdoors, so we would do it justice on a better day.  The kids would certainly grumble less then!  I had hats and gloves and even a scarf but forgot the wellingtons (bad mummy!) so they were complaining their feet were cold!  Perhaps if they had stopped jumping in wet slushy snow they might have felt slightly better… but try telling them that!!!

The snow was still thick on the ground in parts.  I probably would have held off our visit if it hadn’t been for the fact the meerkat experience was pre-booked already.  Luckily entrance was a bargain because of an early season discount deal.  This lasts until the end of March if you wanted to take advantage of it. 

I bought the tickets online for £6.95 each so £27.80 for the four of us.  I think I could have gone around the farm for free after my meerkat experience.  But we wanted to do the farm first because we needed to get back on the road straight after our handling experience.  I was worried it would still be difficult with snow and we had a fair distance to cover.

We arrived not long after Hoo Farm opened at 10am and enjoyed seeing lots of different exotic animals.  I was pleasantly surprised by the variety of animals available to see.  It was a very interesting farm. 

The animals seemed more active here.  I got to see the otters and their two cute babies.  Whilst in other zoo’s I never seem to be that lucky.  Many of the animals are usually hiding somewhere out of sight.  Don't worry mummy otter was just carrying this baby around by the scruff of its neck, it was perfectly fine!

Other animals here were visible in viewing windows, many under heat lamps enjoying the warmth.  But all the while giving visitors a good view of them!

The animals looked well cared for and happy!  There were lots of keepers around tending to them and hosting the experiences.  Other than that, Hoo Farm was very quiet, so we had plenty of space to see all the animals. 

We bought some animal feed and fed the hungry sheep!  They seemed quite appreciated of the extra food probably because we were the first visitors of the day to reach them.

The only improvement I think Hoo farm need is to work on the cafe.  The staff were friendly but its wasn’t particularly warm or comfy.  Just a room to grab a few bits to eat in the undercover play barn.  It would be nice to see that area developed.  I guess it wouldn’t have been such an issue, but we were freezing and could have done with a warmer room to defrost in for a while.

Even though it was very cold we still enjoyed the wallaby walk.  I would like to come back again soon and try out another animal experience.  Hopefully by then the Lemur Walkthrough will be ready.

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