Wednesday, 21 March 2018

Take A Mini Adventure In Minnesota

If you are planning your first trip to America, you are probably excited by the possibility of exploring some of the more well-known areas. Families with kids might be heading to Florida for a fun-filled vacation in Disney World and Universal Studios. Millenials are probably eager to explore the plastic wonder that is LA while couples may want to head somewhere more romantic such as New York. If you’re adventurous, you could try Vegas and find out if what happens there really does stay there. With all these famous destinations it’s likely that a state like Minnesota probably hasn’t even crossed your mind, but it should. Here are a few of the reasons why this is a great place to visit. 

Avoid The Massive Crowds

Did you know that Disney gets so full in the middle of summer and during holiday seasons that they actually close the gates of the parks? It’s true, with the Magic Kingdom usually being the first one to get locked down. You might think this means that the park isn’t that busy, but this isn’t true at all. They’ll keep piling people in up until the point when it’s no longer safe which means that a busy day in Disney could see you surrounded by millions of people. New York, is another destination that can get crowded in the summer, so there’s a line just to walk along the sidewalk. 

That’s not the case in Minnesota. Since it’s far less popular, you can escape the crowds, but that doesn’t mean you won’t have an amazing time at some of the attractions. 

Visit The Mall Of America

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Yes, Minnesota has a theme park of its own, and it’s rather spectacular. The Mall of America is massive, and there’s even an indoor amusement area for the kids to enjoy. It also has floors filled with the best designer shops and fine dining so you will never be bored visiting this incredible location. In fact, many people find they can spend a whole vacation simply exploring all the places to buy and dine. Be warned though, you’ll burn through your holiday budget here faster than you’d think. 

First Class Hotels

You might think that the best hotels can only be found at tourist hot spots, but this isn’t true. For instance, Minneapolis Airport Marriott hotel in Minnesota is the perfect example of a prime place to stay, and due to the low number of tourists that travel here each year, it’s also pretty cheap. So, you can stay in a four or five-star hotel without breaking the bank. You’ll also be able to find a hotel close to all the best attractions and exciting locations. 

Take To The Slopes

Whether you’re visiting in summer or the middle of winter, you can explore Spirit Mountain. The downhill amusement area is the perfect option for those interested in snowboarding or to try dry slope skiing and one of the biggest in America. You can have hours of fun here with or without the kids. 

We hope this encourages you to try one of the lesser known states on your next all American vacation.

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