Monday, 12 March 2018

It’s All In The Planning: Travel Numbers You Need

I consider myself to be a very prepared traveller.  I don’t like to leave anything to chance, getting everything organised well in advance and double checking all the details and finer points of the holiday.  Such as where we will eat and what we will do.

I guess part of what I love about holidays is planning them to precision.  I don't want to miss out on anything.

For my upcoming trip to Orlando, I have bought a guide book, done extensive research online and talked to friends who have been already.  I basically want to soak up as much information as I can to make the trip a success.  

I guess when your splurging so much cash on one holiday you want to make sure it all goes to plan.  You want it to be as stress free as possible.  Especially as I feel responsible for how well it goes for the rest of the family.

But even when you think you have everything covered things can still crop up.  Make sure you take a list of contact numbers just in case.  So, you can reach who you need to in an emergency.  Contact Number UK have a list of travel numbers but you might want to add a few more depending on who you booked your holiday with and what other numbers you think are valuable to have.

Personally, I think the most important ones to have available on your holiday are:

Travel Insurance Number

Ours comes with 24-hour emergency medical assistance.  Hopefully its not something you will need to take advantage of, but its good to have the number to hand anyway.  I’m asthmatic which is generally well controlled, but you never know plus I will be travelling with my parents in their 70’s.

British Embassy

If there is an unexpected disaster or political unrest in the country you are visiting you might want to get hold of the British Embassy.  But fingers crossed that would be very unlikely and everything goes smoothly without any crisis! 

British Consulate

If you lose your passport abroad these guys will be able to provide you with alternative documentation to get home!  Sadly, it means I wouldn’t be able to stay in the Florida sunshine indefinitely they will make arrangements to help you get home.

If you can think of any other important travel numbers you might need please leave a comment below.

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