Wednesday, 14 March 2018

Hair Tips from Around the World

I love travelling because you learn so many new things.  Different countries do things in different ways.  Take looking after your hair for example, in Japan they use rice water (left over from cooking dinner!) to wash their hair and keep their locks looking great.  We eat rice quite regularly, so I might have to give it a try and let you know how I get on!  It will make a change from my usual brand of shampoo.

I am trying to be light-hearted but it’s no fun when you start to lose your hair.  So, I have here some suggestions you might not have thought about trying!  I’ll be honest I have noticed my hair is thinning as I approach my forties, so I am willing to give anything a try to restore its vitality.  If you can’t afford a hair transplant at a clinic why not try some of these natural remedies instead.  Failing that rice water is even cheaper to promote hair growth!

Cactus Oil

In Jamaica they use cactus oil to keep their hair looking and feeling great.  It’s a good natural remedy that can prevent hair breakage and damage.  Cactus oil can be very nourishing, helping reduce the likelihood of hair loss.

Shea Butter

Full of fatty acids this indulgent butter comes from the nut of the African karité tree.  It smooths and moisturises your hair.  Also reducing irritation of your scalp which might have led to hair loss, combating conditions like psoriasis.  Shea butter makes a great overnight hair treatment if you want some deep conditioning to really strengthen your hair.


This root vegetable is jam packed with nutrients which can improve the quality of your hair and stimulate your scalp.  It is a favoured treatment of Latin Americans.  It is often included in shampoos to help those with thinning hair or you can mash it down yourself and see how you get on.

Argan Oil

In Morocco this oil is well known for improving the health of your hair as its full of vitamin E and antioxidants.  Warm the oil and apply a few drops to your hair massaging in to the scalp.  It is thought to protect hair from damage from styling products too.  It’s advisable to treat the scalp three times a week to prevent hair loss.

Have you found anything that really works for your hair?  Please feel free to share your tips in the comments.

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