Friday, 23 March 2018

A Further Afield Family Holiday Wishlist

The world is a great big, exciting place and sometimes I like to think about the places we could all visit as a family if money, distance and time were no object. Whether we genuinely get to see all these places or not, it's certainly a fun game to play with your family, and can make a fabulous discussion for long car journeys. With that in mind, below you will find so of the top family wish list suggestions. 


I certainly would be too surprised if this choice makes most families list! After all, Orlando truly is the city of dreams for every child, as well as those that are still children at heart. 

In fact, I think a three-week break here in a rented house would be a fabulous holiday. Renting a home rather than a hotel would be a good option because it means you would have enough the space in which to spread out and let the kids can run around after all three weeks is a long time! You will also have loads of time to visit the parks known as Disneyworld and Universal Studios, the main reason millions of tourists flock to this area every year!

Obviously, you would want to ride the big coasters like Space Mountain and The Barnstormer as well as experience some of the other delights like the Animal Kingdom and Epcot. 

Of course, how you decide to do this is entirely up to you, but it can be nice to have a day in the park and then a day off, just returning for the evening parade or dinner. To help you do this, it would be a good idea to hire a car as well as rent a villa. Also, you can reviews the tickets on offer before you visit, as some grant you access for a single park, while others allow you to enter and leave all the parks as many times you like during the day, making such a trip much better value. 


The next location would end up on our families further afield holiday wish list is exotic Jakarta. Perhaps this location was picked because not only because it is such a far-flung place that is so different for the UK, but also as there are a surprising amount of cool things to do with the little ones too. 

One of the first kid-friendly activities we might do in Jakarta is the famous Ancol Dreamland a theme park - come - water world. There you can ride crazy attractions like Hysteria and the log flume as well as enjoy more old school excitement on the dodgems and the big wheel. You can even check out the dolphins and other residents (sometimes the staff dress as mermaids and swim underwater) at the Marine Park. Checkout their website at for more details.


Of course, there is plenty of cultural stuff to do for the whole family as well, such as visiting the Wayang Museum which documents the history of the puppets used in traditional Indonesian storytelling. 

Then there is Taman Mini Indonesia Indah which is like a cross between Disneyland and a mini Indonesia park with a Komodo dragon centre thrown in, read more about it at

Lastly, don't forget that there is the Setu Babakan which is a place that truly demonstrates how stunning and beautiful Indonesia's capital city can be. 

In fact, it looks so lovely here it that it could even be the sort of place that I would consider buying a holiday home like the one on offer at Then we could return whenever we wanted and experience more of the vibrant life there is on offer in this gorgeous city. 


Now you might suspect that the city known as the most romantic in the world is on the list because it just happens to have another Disneyland close by. Of course, this is something that would help to convince this kid that a trip there was a good idea. Although there are plenty of other possible activities that are worth mentioning as well. 

For example, there is the world-famous Eiffel Tower and Champs-Élysées both iconic Parisian sites that you can't afford to miss if you end up in this fair city. Then how about heading over to the Jardin du Luxembourg where you can delight the kids with carousel rides and puppets show, and there is a top adventure playground that only charges a small fee in the location as well.

There is also the rather fabulous Muséum National d'Histoire Naturelle that is chock full of dinosaur skeletons as well as more modern creates perfect for the budding archaeologist or biologist in the clan. Alternatively, why not choose to go and see the famous catacombs in Paris that are said to be fascinating, if a little macabre? A trip perhaps best suited to the older members of the party? Check the info at before you go. 


You probably can't get more far-flung than Singapore, and as it's known as one of most expensive cities in the world, I'm not sure how likely it is that we will get to visit this location. However, for those that are lucky enough to find themselves there, it's a must to visit the amazing garden by the bay. This is an outdoor area in Singapore that overlooks Marina Bay, and it is a modern park that you can walk around and where you will find huge structures known as supertrees that are covered in solar cells. These cells are used to power the rest of the surrounding complex, making it ecological as well as beautiful.


Brave little ones might also appreciate the chance to ride the Singapore Flyer. Much like the London Eye, this is a massive wheel that provides some fantastic sites it over the entire city. Something that makes it a fabulous way of getting some pictures of your trip. Then there's the wonderful Singapore Zoo famous for its orangutans and seal. You can even book a jungle breakfast where you get to eat in the company of the animals if you so choose. Check out their website at for more information. An activity that would no doubt be a memory that would last a lifetime and ensure that the kids would have nothing but good things to say about the wonderful city of Singapore. 


Lastly, the Spanish city of Madrid made our wishlist too, something to do with the avid football fans the kids are becoming no doubt! To feed this side of things, it is, of course, possible to tours the Santiago Bernabéu Stadium, home of Real Madrid.

However, this isn't the only activity that would be perfect for a younger audience this fine city. Why not take them to Buen Retiro Park as well? There you will find plenty of space to walk and run about in, as well as the opportunity to rent a bike and hire a rowboat on the large pond. Although if you want the kids to get the full cultural experience in Madrid why not take them to see a flamenco show. Flamenco being the traditional dance of this area of Spain, and as it is so popular, there are plenty of venues all over the city that you will be able to watch a performance too.


Lastly, if your family is full of foodies why not visit the Market of San Miguel. This place is an old-style traditional covered market and is jam-packed with delicious Spanish delicacies that you and your whole family can try. The best thing is that the goods are not overpriced either, something that can be a real boon when you have a whole family to feed, and you'd like to give them a chance to sample something new without it having to break the bank!

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