Thursday, 15 February 2018

Visiting the National Space Centre

This was one of our attractions during our Stay Play Explore Break at the weekend.  It was VERY busy here.  I guess the fact it was the start of the half term holiday, a weekend and a rainy day ALL combined meant it was always going to be packed.  We haven’t been here before, so we didn’t approach it the best way. 

We arrived as it opened but I think many others had the same idea but we then and made the mistake of watching the first available show in the planetarium.  We should have used our head start on the larger crowds to go around some of the exhibits.  We pretty much jumped straight into the queue for the show with quite a few others, when we could have left it to just before the time slot for the show as there was HEAPS of seats in there.  Plus, a later show would have given us a bit of breathing space round the displays. 

That said, we still enjoyed our time here.  You just needed to be patient and willing to wait if you wanted to interact with any of the displays.  I don’t think we did the space cadet training justice, only managing to get around a few of the challenges as a massive scouts group was in the area and it was rammed!  I would love to be here again when its quieter, so the boys could take their time.  The activities they did do they loved.  They liked picking out supplies to last the crew a month!  Although both forgot a vital supply as they were too busy filling the shuttle with chocolate and fresh fruit to keep the crew happy!

I’ve realised space travel isn’t for me!  You can’t have a bath, you rely on wet wipes to keep yourself clean.  

Food needs to be spicier in space as fluid builds up in your head when you are weightless, and your taste buds suffer as a result.  It’s like having a permanent cold.  You must eat tortillas not bread as the crumbs are no good floating about the spaceship, this I wouldn’t mind.  But mealtime would be tricking with relying on Velcro and magnetic strips, so your lunch doesn’t float off!  Being in space can be quite disorientating for your body and you can feel sick.  I have enough problems with some of the rides at a theme park there is no chance I could cope with the sensation for a few days whilst I adjust.

Even though it was busy we still enjoyed learning so much about space travel and the planets.  It’s very educational and informative but presented in a way that is very appealing and fun for children.  As it was half term there were more pop up stands and a show on, so if you do pick a busy time you know that there will be extra things to see anyway.

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