Wednesday, 3 January 2018

The New Forest: Why It Should Have A Place On Your Bucket List

When it comes to travelling in the United Kingdom, you obviously have your popular destinations: London, Edinburgh, York, and the Cotswolds. However, opening up your scope a little you will find The New Forest with the Isle of White just a boat ride away. You may have never heard of it, or know of it but never had the desire to visit - however after reading this blog that is all going to change.

The New Forest Wildlife Park

If you are a lover of animals and enjoy seeing them in a well-kept and roomy habitat with plenty of educational talks and feeding times - this a great day out for all of the family. With a butterfly house you can walk through and feed the butterflies out of your hand, to the wildcat house where you may be lucky to spot a leopard or jaguar - you can see the animal kingdom from the smallest to the largest. You can walk through the paddocks with deer roaming freely, or join the surprisingly noisy Otters for their meal of fish. You may even hear a howl from the wolves, which you can observe displaying their textbook pack tendencies of protecting their leader. It may not be quite in the same league as a Safari Park, but it's a no-frills and fancy tricks wildlife park, with the animal’s best interest at heart.  

Walking And Cycling

You’ll be surrounded by some of the most gorgeous countryside in the entirety of the United Kingdom - it would be considered criminal to stay inside your Quality Inn or Hotel. Getting out in the fresh air for a hike, or on a cycling trip on the many cycle routes mapped out over the New Forest, will help you to feel rejuvenated and refreshed.

The Infamous New Forest Ponies
You may find on your many walks and travels you are approached by a few ponies looking for treats, as the New Forest is famous for free roaming, wild horses. There is no need to be alarmed as they are extremely friendly - they may even let you stroke them and take a selfie. Just be sure to be cautious as you don’t want to put them into a panic and send them galloping away.


If you are looking for a typical English village, then look no further. Brockenhurst has been voted as Britain’s most beautiful place to live and has many charming attractions. You could choose to stay at ‘The Pig’ which is a country house restaurant sporting 26 private rooms decorated in a very traditional manner. You could go a bit more upmarket and try out Careys Manor Hotel which is home to an award-winning Thai spa. From there, you can explore the local streets which may often be visited by the local wildlife, including ponies, cows, and deer. Don’t forget to bring your swimming clothes, as if it’s a warm day you may like to visit Brockenhurst Beach. It’s really just a sandy patch on the river that is frequented by the locals for a swim, but it’s a lovely place to be either way.

You may find yourself trying to make room on your bucket list for this location as you most definitely will not regret it.

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