Wednesday, 31 January 2018

The Importance of Community #MyCommunityAndMe

Being part of the community is especially important to me.  I am glad Slater & Gordon Lawyers is encouraging bloggers to think about the role they play in their own.

I am lucky where I live as everyone chips in to make it a better place.   There are regular fundraisers to support the school, charities or even just a family that have fallen on hard times.  It’s a good place to live because you feel like people really care.  It has been incredible how much they have raised when they put their mind to it. 

As much as I like to travel I appreciate coming home, because its where my heart is.  Since they were tiny the boys have always joined me at community events, dressed up or helped man a stall with me. 

I think it’s important for children to see adults helping, it encourages them to do the same when they get older.  That’s a future I want for them.  If everyone took that time to do something good just imagine what the world could really be like.

I have hosted some kid’s bingo events in my time, eldest played his role as he was my official bingo caller.  A great confident booster for him being up on stage like that and he helped me raise £1000 for the school.  They were very grateful to have the extra funds purchasing much needed resources.  Budgets are shrunk each year and it’s a real struggle for schools to pay out for everything they need to do a good job teaching your children.

We have baked cakes, donated raffle prizes and spent a small fortune on tombola’s over the years.  But every little bit we do benefits someone in the community. 

My husband doesn’t like to travel for long he gets homesick.  He misses his normal routine and surroundings, the people he see’s and the community he belongs too.  I think it can help to get involved in volunteer projects whilst your away. 

Do something good on your journey, spread a little kindness.  That feeling of community will travel with you.  So whether your helping local wildlife in need, providing support in a care center or teaching in a school abroad, there are endless opportunities out there to embrace community.  Hopefully making new friends and having memorable experiences.  Children can get involved too, so they develop empathy for people in difficult circumstances and learn to be grateful for what they do have.

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