Tuesday, 23 January 2018

The Holiday of a Lifetime Means Scarifies Have to be Made

It’s hard when you book that holiday of a lifetime, for us we must keep saving up all the pennies and it means we cannot do all our little weekend trips and days out that we love so much as a family.  By going all out and booking Florida it has restricted what we can afford to do for the rest of the year.  I know my parents scrimped and saved to take me to Florida as a kid and I just wanted to be able to do the same for my boys, but it comes at a cost.  For 2018 aside from Florida we might not do much else.  I don’t know how I feel about that, I like seeing lots of different places.  I am already starting to get cabin fever at the thought of not visiting anywhere else.  We have made a list of attractions and experiences we would love to cover in the UK in 2018 but its doubtful much of that will get ticked off.

As the travel date nears I am starting to panic about whether I will get the holiday paid up in time, its extra stress that takes away from the fun of the holiday preparations.  I keep thinking if we had booked a cheaper holiday like Hotel El Paso again we could have had some money to play around with during the rest of the year.  Last year Salou was amazing, but we also managed to do a fair few bits in the UK and I didn’t have to feel guilty as there was still money in the holiday pot!

Florida all in will cost a pretty penny leaving us with nothing to play around with!  Park tickets alone for Disney and Universal look like they will cost about £2300 for the four of us for two weeks!  Yikes.  Someone I know got married in Florida last year and they had considered going two years later, but they have done their maths and want to do a few holidays not just one very expensive one!  Yes, some people go every year and still manage to do lots in between but if your budget is a lot leaner (like mine) making that choice means something else must give.  I dread to think how much spending money we will need, I am just trying to set aside some money each month to pay off a different section of the holiday.  Travel insurance (tick!), ETSA’s (tick), the remainder of the holiday (£700 shy of that at the moment aaaah!), the park tickets, then spends.  

We don’t have a meal plan so eating out will be our biggest expense.  Fortunately, our stay comes with breakfast, so we will have to go all out with that!  Fill our tums so we can last as long as possible at the theme parks.  I can't wait to eat waffles instead of my usual Weetabix or Rice Krispies!  But I don't want us worrying about money so much that we don't get a chance to make the most of all the amazing restaurants and eateries Orlando has.  We have a kitchen in our accommodation but it would be nice to eat out and not have to cook everyday.

I feel too, we might overdo it on our holiday in Florida, trying to cram in as much as humanly possible and then completely exhaust ourselves.  Getting up at the crack of dawn to be at the theme park at rope drop (when it opens) and staying till it closes for the late-night fireworks.  When you have spent £2300 on park tickets it would seem silly not to try and get as much out of them as you can.  But I don’t want the holiday just to be going from one queue to the next as I have read how very busy Disney especially gets.

I guess if we managed to scrap the money together then all that panic about finances will soon disappear and then we can start to really enjoy the holiday!  I don’t want to go into debt to go away, as I have done it that way round before and its no fun at all paying for a holiday after you have enjoyed it and your back to gloomy weather in the UK!

Next month hopefully the rest of the holiday can be paid off, it might come down to a very difficult decision about whether we drop Disney and save a £1000 off the ticket price (and get SeaWorld, Busch Gardens and Aquatica thrown in instead).  I am just thinking that £1000 would make a difference later in the year when the excitement of Florida has worn off and we are desperate to get away again.  

Although can you really do Orlando without Disney???

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