Tuesday, 5 December 2017

A Weekend in Southampton

We decided on the spur of the moment to take a trip to Southampton to visit family.  Sometimes its nice to do something without too much planning, just pack the car and go!  It was a lovely weekend, sadly, we don’t see this side of the family as much as we would all like, but then it does make the short time together that much more precious.

We went to the Showcase Cinema de lux to watch Paddington 2.  On our way there we saw a massive queue and it turned out Peter Andre was there signing calendars, if you bought a £10 calendar he would sign it apparently.  We saw him on the way out in the distance and there also seemed to have bottles of perfume or aftershave on display, so he must be promoting something he has released, but none of us are big enough fans to be bothered to queue.

This cinema is a real treat as you have electric reclining seats in every screen, so it makes for very comfortable viewing!  You have a bit more privacy too as there is enough space between each row of seats.  Apparently, the cinema also has the latest technology with laser projection and Dolby Atmos™ in each screen (whatever that means!), I never notice the difference, but I am sure hubbie did as technology is his thing!  I don’t think it cost much more than the cinema we go to usually and have normal seats, so when we are back in Southampton next I want to go again.

Afterwards we decided to check out the Christmas market, it was beautiful to look at but very busy! 

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The boys enjoyed a freshly made oreo pancake (£4 each), their friend had Churros with Nutella, these looked tasty, but I find them too salty.  I didn’t buy anything indulgent to nibble on whilst browsing as I had chain eaten minstrels in the cinema and was still rather full.

The cheese stall was appealing, the guy on that stand was so friendly and happy to dish out samples.  I bought a cheese and a jar of chutney.  I think the other stall holders could learn a trick or two from this bubbly fellow.  He makes you want to spend something just because he is so nice.  He was happy for me to take his picture (although I wasn't quite quick enough to get his modelling pose!).  It's funny I go all the way to Southampton and end up buying cheese from Snowdonia!

There was also an ice skating rink nearby, but we didn’t have a go.  I am a bit hit and miss when it comes to ice skating.  My eldest likes it after having so much fun at Lapland UK, however neither of my boys pushed to do it so I was happy not to bother.  The cinema was a big enough treat for the day after all.

We had a look in WestQuay shopping and that was rammed, I don’t know how people manage to shop with so many people in each store.  I liked seeing the Christmas tree they had up though.  Mind you the singing one in the Trafford Centre is still my favourite!

Nanny's dogs looked adorable in their Christmas outfits.

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I think our little trip to Southampton has made us feel more festive.

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