Monday, 6 November 2017

Tips for Harmonious Family Car Journeys

I like to get away at weekends for day trips, seeing new attractions and spending quality time together as a family.  Left to their own devices the boys would spend each day in their pyjamas playing the PS4.  But I want to enrich our lives, so it means getting in the car and heading off on an adventure.  

Over half term we have visited a castle, a museum and been down a copper mine!  I like the variety, but it does mean we clock up a lot of miles in the car!  Our places to visit section features only a very small number of the places we have been to so far, how have we survived so long in the car with the kids?

Car maintenance

It’s important to cover all the essentials to keep the car in tip top condition.  The last thing you want is to face a breakdown situation and drag out the journey, making it even longer!!!  As someone who has spent six hours in a car with the kids, I get how hard it can be! are campaigning for more people to #TestYourTreads and its very important, worn out tyres mean you take much longer to safely break.

You can also face a big fine and points on your license if you’re not within the legal limits, so inspecting your treads is essential!  We always check our oil and water levels.  When its colder hubbie also makes sure we have enough anti-freeze.  We have jump leads too in case our battery ran flat!  This can easily happen because our eldest has a habit of not closing his door properly and the interior light stays on!  We have wised up to this now and are double checking he closes it...  

Plan your route

We have made the mistake of relying on our Sat Nav to get from A to B but it has a mind of its own and seems to pick the most indirect scenic route possible, even if it adds MILES on to our journey and takes us through backroads barely wide enough for our car.  Look at a road map and have a backup plan in case your Sat Nav goes crazy!


Long journeys can be a headache, so it helps to have suitable entertainment in the car, whether it’s their iPad or travel games to play in the car.  Print off sheets like travel bingo, preparation is key, you want the journey to pass as pleasantly as possible. 


The more the merrier if kids become hungry the mood can sour in the car quite quickly!  Stock up and you won’t regret it.


Packing the kids Sea-Band are a must, they really do seem to help my boys travel better.  Always come equipped with a tub, baby wipes and a spare change of clothes just in case though.

Swapping seats

After far too many sibling squabbles I now generally travel in the back of the car with my youngest, life is much calmer as a rule.  I wish we hadn’t waited so long to make the change.  I do miss my heated seat - the sacrifices us parents make for a bit of peace and quiet!

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