Tuesday, 14 November 2017

Sygun Copper Mine

First things first if your planning on visiting bring cash, otherwise if you have to use your card you have to pay an extra £1 for the privilege.  Not ideal really and something I haven't encountered on a day out before and we have been on LOTS of days out.  So it wasn't off to a great start but it did get better!

The Sygun attraction was over and done with quite quickly, that said it was still enjoyable.  We learnt a lot during our brief visit about life in the mines, the poor conditions the workforce faced during long grueling days underground.  It's a self guided tour so you can go whenever you like without having to wait for a set time, this I like as your free to make your way around the mine at your own speed at a time that's convenient to you.  You are given hard hats to wear and a sheet of paper to guide you through the mine.  

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It's quite damp inside, so dress warm.  Prepare yourself for lots of steps too!  It's a good workout anyway.  But might be challenging for some people.

It was educational listening to the recordings.  They are quite good as you feel like you have been sent back in time hearing all the realistic sounds from the mine.  The stalactite and stalagmite formations are very impressive and we all liked seeing them.

However it is the type of attraction we would only visit once to tick it off our list.  But there wasn't enough there to warrant a repeat visit, especially at the price you pay, even with the gorgeous views and educational value.  

They do have more on in season, but these extras all cost more on top.  We spent £28 (or £29 with that sneaky card charge!) which is quite a lot for one hours entertainment.  There was also a pleasant lakeside walk but you can do that separate to the attraction.

We spent another hour walking around the lake and the boys skimmed stones.  But we could have done that without spending so much on the mine tour.  I am glad we have been as its nice to see the attractions in the area around us, but we won't be making a return trip.  

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