Tuesday, 7 November 2017

How to Design Your Blog Logo with Logojoy

The Reluctant Traveller is a fairly new blog so it’s important I get the image right to draw in new readers as quickly as possible.  The current logo is lacking, it’s something my husband made in a rush, just so we could get the blog live.  Fortunately, I had an opportunity to review Logojoy so I could generate something more professional.  The logo is often the first thing you notice about a company so it’s important to make a good initial impression. 

However, I think designing a logo can be a difficult process if you’re not a creative individual.  Luckily Logojoy simplify everything so it’s very enjoyable experimenting with the different fonts and colours finding the logo that works.  You don’t need to feel anxious about the process it is very fast and user friendly, just five simple steps to follow.

Step One: Choosing logos you like from a selection

I think this is a fantastic way to identify the type of logo you are hoping to achieve.  It’s also exciting seeing what Logojoy is capable of, all the logos shown have been made by them.

Step Two: Pick a Colour

I went for blue as its one of my favourite colours, but it’s also associated with calm and tranquillity.  With so many logos in existence it’s essential to choose a colour that will really catch the eye of your audience.

Step Three: Choose a Slogan

This is optional but if you do decide to have one keep it short.  I decided to skip this part and see what it would look like without.  You can easily go back and add one if you change your mind.

Step Four: Search and Add Symbols

You might find it hard settling for just five symbols, but you can always test those out and go back and try others.  It would be nice if when you hover over the symbols if you could see them bigger, they are very small so it’s hard to make out all the details without having to go to the generated logos step each time.  I had lots of fantastic travel themed symbols like passports, suitcases, planes, and tickets to select from.

Step Five: Choose from the generated logos

You still have plenty of flexibility if you’re not 100% sure about the logos provided, you can make alterations to one shown or you can go back and edit your selections and try something completely different.  You have so much freedom in the process, it’s such a clever concept.

Cost wise Logojoy is good value, its only $65 for your high-resolution logo. My husband has already added his to Hubby Helps and it looks amazing now. It was easy for him to resize it and makes a sleek header for his Home & DIY blog.  For us both Logojoy definitely took the stress away from logo creation and has given our blogs a new lease of life.

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