Wednesday, 4 October 2017

I booked a trip to Florida!

Well after a little persuasion I have got hubbie to agree to an extra special holiday next year! 

The idea of a holiday to Italy, as lovely as it was, is now on the back burner.  Instead I have booked us a trip to…

Wait for it


SQUEALS of excitement here as I have wanted to go back in like forever.  I turn 40 next year and I really hoped we would have the holiday of a lifetime to celebrate but hubbie had initially said a big fat no, I had even written it on our 5-year travel plan rather optimistically but it looks like we are back on target as its all sorted!

2018 is the year I get to wear Minnie ears and drink wine slushies – yes in MK (now I have done so much research I get to write abbreviations) you can buy wine slushies! #Disneygoals for the grownups must now include trying the strawberry Shiraz slushie and the mango Muscat slushie.  Hubbie on the other hand is craving a giant steak, one of those if you finish it you eat for free kind of deals!  I don’t think he quite realises just how big the portions are in Florida yet.

I have been spending most evenings writing itineraries, doing lots of research about the best times to visit each theme park, the dibb website has a fantastic forum if you need any tips about crowds, where to buy tickets, what attractions you must visit etc etc.

My schedule is ambitious, I want to do unlimited Disney and Universal, book a manatee swim (such wonderful creatures), squeeze in Gatorland and if possible the newer attractions on International Drive!  

Rest days are for the weak – right???  Although I will probably hit a wall of exhaustion!  But hoping to power through it.

If you have been to Florida and have any tips please feel free to leave them in the comments, I am soaking up everything to do with Orlando at the moment, I am even dreaming about it.  Hubbie doesn’t mind as he can play computer games in peace because I am so focused on project Orlando (here I come!).

Expect to see more Florida posts in the run up to the holiday.  I need to share all my new-found information with someone, I am sure hubbie only listens with half an ear!  I need the true Florida fanatics to keep giving me advice.

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