Tuesday, 24 October 2017

A Day in Liverpool

A couple of weeks ago we headed to Liverpool this was planned so the boys could review Admiral Driving Lessons.  After the boys had concentrated on their lessons they were starving so we headed into the city to T.G.I Friday’s at Liverpool ONE.  There is so much choice in terms of food and drink here I was torn about where to eat but the boys decided amongst themselves and to be honest I do like T.G.I Friday’s anyway so was happy enough to go along.  I had the chicken in Jack Daniel’s sauce and oh my it was delicious.  I would order that again on a return visit.  

After lunch we walked towards the direction of the dock, stopping for my youngest to get absolutely drenched in the fountain…

It’s quite a journey for us to get to Liverpool so whilst we were there we also decided to visit one of the free museums.  We had contemplated ticking off a few free museums for the remainder of the day, but we were all museumed out after the Merseyside Maritime museum.

We spent quite a few hours there, looking at all the different displays some of which are interactive which the boys especially liked.  They got to pick different options and see what happened, in this case also steering the ship!

We were shocked to learn that in the past coffee, tea, beer and wine used to be mixed with other ingredients like dog biscuits, burnt peas, hedge clippings, poisonous berries, wood and even urine!!!  Yack indeed.

It’s very educational there but sad too, I learnt a lot about the illegal trade in animals and felt quite upset about how rare and exotic creatures are handled.  You can get a children’s activity booklet and complete that as you walk round, spotting different soft toys hidden in the displays, answering questions and drawing pictures.

In the Titanic section there was a dressing up box and children could try on the different costumes from that time.  As museums go it’s all very interesting and engaging.  I would like to do the Museum of Liverpool next time.  Liverpool really does have so much to offer so I shouldn’t wait so long to come back.

The dock is worth a walk around, there are many love locks now to remember people there.  I don’t recall them when I used to live in Liverpool many moons ago.  It’s such a bustling city, I love a quick fix of civilisation but am most suited to country living now.  It’s been over 10 years since I lived in the city and my life has changed quite a lot, I liked coming back with the boys, for my youngest it was his first ever visit so it’s great showing him some of the sights I remember.

Both boys liked the liverpool lambananas its worth trying to see as many as you can when you’re in the city, they were created to celebrate Liverpool being the European Capital of Culture back in 2008 so they are looking a little tired now, but I still love them anyway and a great photo opportunity.

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