Monday, 4 September 2017

New to Illyria Outdoor Theatre

As a family, we are only very newly introduced to Illyria, quite late joining in really considering they were formed back in 1991.  It’s a real shame we didn’t know about their amazing shows earlier on, but the boys are a good age to appreciate what they see now and they do sit so nicely.  Roll back a few years and my youngest probably would have been out of his seat trying to pat the rampaging t-rex from The Lost World!!!

This year we watched our first two performances.  This is going to be a regular thing I hope now as outdoor theatre is a wonderful experience and the people involved are very talented!  We watched both shows in Harlech Castle which is a superb location for something like this.  The cast of both shows are so friendly and welcoming.  You can buy a program for £2 and in The Lost World they were also selling dinosaur pins for £2 each so do bring a little bit of cash with you to help support them.  

It would have been nice to see bigger crowds but not as many attended The Lost World, but it was aimed at older children.  It was a bit savage in parts, but my two loved the theme of exploration and the adventure of it all, yes, some parts were a little violent but they sat in awe, wondering how it would all turn out!

I would recommend arriving early, both times we managed to be at the front of the queue BUT more people came soon afterwards.  It helps you get a good spot to watch the show.  You can bring your own seats or a picnic blanket, seats are allowed up to a certain point and the blankets after that.  Someone brought a pop up tent which I was quite impressed with as it would have been ideal if the rain had come, fortunately it was dry for both performances!  Umbrellas are not advised as it would block others views so do bring a rain coat just in case.

I had a cheeky wine but next time I might bring a flask as the temperature does drop and it gets quite cold.  We did bring a blanket each to stay cosy.  The key to watching shows outdoor is being prepared!!!  But it’s so incredible seeing the stage light up in the dark especially in a castle.  You can also bring your own snacks, someone had a takeaway pizza, others fish and chips but we stocked up on chocolate!

The Emperors New Clothes was hilarious, the actors are very funny and the Emperor himself had the good nature to literally stand on stage in his crown jewels… (now they have finished their show it might be okay to share the picture of the grand reveal!).

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