Friday, 11 August 2017

Our visit to Paultons Park

We have visited Paultons Park twice before when the boys were much younger, one of our visits was for the Magma VIP launch but naturally given my boys ages at the time Peppa Pig World was the main priority for them.  Paultons Park have pulled off the Peppa Pig theme perfectly the rides are lovely (if a little busy!) and you can even meet Peppa Pig a huge highlight for the little ones!  It’s best to head there first or at the very end of the day to avoid lengthy queues. 

On this occasion, we were eager to see what the Lost Kingdom would be like, it’s a new dinosaur themed development at Paultons Park so we headed straight there.  On our arrival, it was quiet for our first circuit on all the rides there, but for our second go on Flight of the Pterosaur we queued for about 30 minutes (this seemed quite a while considering it was a school day, but there were lots of school children on trips that day and this seemed one of the most popular rides!).

Velociraptor and Flight of the Pterosaur are great rides and a bit more thrill seeking than many of the existing rides at the park.  I was surprised by how many younger children were actually riding these two rides, but if your child doesn’t quite feel ready for the big drop of Velociraptor or the feeling of flying they can still enjoy Dino Chase (an introductory rollercoaster), the Dinosaur Tour Co., Temple Heights and Boulder Dash.  These were very mild rides, but pleasant enough.

Don’t leave the Lost Kingdom without seeing the ALIVE dinosaur encounter, the T-Rex was very realistic and my two liked getting close to it.  

The presenter of that show was also walking around with a baby dinosaur earlier in the day that the boys liked meeting.  So, keep your eyes open for anything dinosaur related going on in the area as it would be a shame to miss an encounter.

The boys did appreciate cooling off at the Water Kingdom so do bring trunks and towels to make the most of that section.  In the hot weather, its ideal that children can splash around for a bit!  Given the sunshine it was understandable that this bit of the park was exceptionally busy, so I just gave my two 30 minutes as it was tricky keeping track of them. The attraction is fenced off though so feels safer watching them that way.

Another favourite ride of the boys was the Jumping Bean they must have gone on that about 6 times in a row!  They also liked dabbing on the Sky Swinger!!!  Yes my boys still dab!

The 4D cinema was worth a watch mainly so I could sit down for a few minutes in peace out of the sunshine and rest my theme park weary legs.

When we went on the Rio Grande Train we noticed further developments going on in the park, so I am excited to see what is in store next for Paultons Park, it looked like new animals will be coming soon and hopefully another ride!!!

There is a lot more to Paultons Park then Peppa Pig World so please don’t feel like you shouldn’t visit when your children get older and outgrow that section of the theme park.  At 8 and 10 my two really enjoyed our latest visit, we didn’t manage to fit in all the rides we wanted too, but it was a very hot day and I think my eldest had a touch of heat stroke so we left a couple of hours before closing time missing out on going on Edge and Cobra in the process.

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