Sunday, 25 June 2017

Beaumaris Gaol

At the weekend we headed off to Anglesey to celebrate my mum’s pending 70th birthday, she had booked a lovely house for us all to share, I will be covering more about that in a later blog post, so do expect a few different Anglesey posts on here over the coming weeks. 

One of the attractions I was keen for us to visit whilst we were there was the Beaumaris Gaol.

It was something a bit different to what we usually do and it turned out to be very enjoyable, informative and interesting.

It was great fun exploring the corridors, turning back the hand of time and pretending to actually be in the prison as it once was.  


The boys were eager to lie on the hard beds and chuck the blankets over themselves!  Not sure if they would have been so enthusiastic if they had to actually stay there.

Eldest tried to open one of the old toilets too – gross, but no stopping their curiosity!  Youngest had a picture with a very realistic model (heavy on the sarcasm here!) but got the shock of his life afterwards as hubbie had sneaked round to the door on the other side and was banging on it!

There were lots of different rooms to see.  The Punishment room where prisoners could be isolated for up to three days was completely dark (they adapted it in 1857 prior to this it was only used in daytime).  I wonder if a spell in there would make the boys behave better?!?  The dry bread and water would get boring quite quickly I am sure.

There was a Whipping Room (very fifty shades of grey!).

Cells were unheated so in winter the prisoners were FREEZING.  Life in prison back then wasn’t the most comfortable.  Prisoners worked very hard all day some of the activities were pointless like the crank, which had no useful purpose so must have been frustrating to do, a prisoner needed 2,000 turns of the handle just to get breakfast!!!

It was very educational, you could learn a lot from a visit here about life in prisons, the work of policeman and the time period as a whole.  We all felt quite knowledgeable when we left.

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