Sunday, 21 May 2017

Our Visit to Cadbury World

We decided to visit Cadbury World as we were heading to Birmingham anyway with a flight the following day for our holiday to Salou.  We have been once before when the boys were much younger and I think they wanted to go again so they could remember it more clearly.  As it was a school day the attraction was relatively quiet but I would recommend booking a time-slot and not turning up unannounced.  It can get very busy on weekends and school holidays.

I found parts of this attraction to be very good, we all absolutely loved the 4D Chocolate Adventure this is a new addition from our last visit and it was delightful!  An interesting little storyline and you really felt as if you were on a chocolate rollercoaster getting into the action with the motion seats and huge screen!  It was good to see the Caramel Bunny and Freddo involved in the story.

The 4D Chocolate Adventure replaced an area where you got to make your own chocolate combination, this we missed the first time round because we arrived late, but they have added a little bit of that to the chocolate making demonstration area, as you get a mini pot of molten chocolate and can pick two toppings.  This is very yummy, although I don’t recommend jelly babies and chocolate, I wish I had chosen the same as my eldest instead, marshmallows and crunchy pieces.

The boys still seemed to enjoy Cadabra but I think even younger children will find this section abit more magical with pretty lights and chocolate figures. 

I do think Cadbury World was overpriced for £47 for the four of us, because in terms of entertainment value we were in and out of the attraction in two hours, which isn’t very long really.  For just shy of £50 I ideally want four or five hours minimum, on the plus side we did get four bars of chocolate EACH which was a nice treat although we had to pack them for our holiday as we had no hope of getting through them and a couple of purchases from the World’s Biggest Cadbury Shop before our early morning flight.

You can shop around and get buy one get one free discounts on certain days I think if you manage to get in at a decent price then a visit here is a pleasant way to wile away a couple of hours.  They are opening a new attraction but I am not sure what is planned so that might help extend the time you spend onsite, so if you are thinking of visiting maybe wait for that to open so you can enjoy the whole experience.

All of us found the story behind Cadbury to be very educational and entertaining, there is quite a lot to learn from your visit.

However I don’t feel there is enough for us to have a return visit for the foreseeable future, unless the new attraction is very exciting!!!  Don't get me wrong the kids absolutely loved their visit I just begrudge spending quite so much on a day out, that's actually only two hours!

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