Sunday, 23 April 2017

My Plans for our Cornwall Trip

The Eden Project is one attraction I really want to visit, my friend who now blogs herself over at Mums Wine HQ had the opportunity to visit for my other blog back in November 2015.  I am a little bit jealous she got there before me!  It’s been on my list of places to visit for so long…

The beautiful tropical gardens offer so much to see and learn about plant life.  I think the boys would find it very interesting now at 8 and 9, plus its not all facts you have lots to take in, like the rainforest canopy walkway, the sculpture and art and incredible dome buildings.  The Eden Project is the MAIN reason I want to visit Cornwall, but not the only reason.

We have visited many attractions but for one reason or another never quite make it as far as Cornwall so I can tick off the Eden Project.  Cornwall is on my list of destinations to visit, it is part of MY five year travel plan after all, I write my because I am writing this blog now as hubbie the official reluctant traveller is also the reluctant blogger it would seem so I will continue with what his initial efforts started!  Otherwise you might find these pages remain sparse of content, which would be a shame really after a promising (if very slow!) start.

But I love trips and days out so I have no shortage of things to write.  Plus I still hope it will inspire hubbie to have more wondering feet that enjoy adventures as much as me.  If not I will just use it to PLAN what I hope we get up to as family.

So what else do I want to do in Cornwall?

Eat fish and chips in Rick Stein’s takeaway, Padstow

It’s not cheap (just shy of £10 for fish and chips for one!) but its something I have to do at least once!  Many moons ago my brother used to work at Rick Stein’s (it was a work placement whilst at university!) so that’s another reason I quite fancy seeing what they have on offer.

Visit the Cornish Seal Sanctuary

This place sounds dedicated to conservation, they do monthly beach cleans and if you help with that you even get free entrance into the sanctuary!  What a lovely gesture.  They are all for educating people to make better choices in terms of the fish they eat and the ones they have as pets.  I like that they are helping rescue grey seals and teaching them the skills to succeed so they return to the wild again.

Pirate’s Quest

My boys would enjoy this immersive pirate tour with actors playing their part; you have the sights and smells to transport you back to pirate life 300 years ago!  It helps bring history alive for children and I am a fan of pirates myself (well Hook from Once Upon A Time anyway!), children get to escape a shipwreck and walk through realistic sets.


This attraction has rides and plenty of indoor attractions too (if the weather isn’t on your side!).  We would all enjoy the Victorian Village most of all I think, which has 50 different re-created shops and offers a very authentic experience.  

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  1. We loved it and would love to return, we also can recommend the places you have highlighted flambards especially is a fab day out for kids we made two trips in one week as it was so much fun.