Sunday, 19 February 2017

Our Visit to the Adventure Trail in Abergele

We headed to the Adventure Trail in Abergele for our weekly Adventure Saturday outing.  They had a special offer on at the moment (for February) so adults go in free with an accompanying child, saving us £8 in total.  We stayed a good few hours, so I was happy with the value for money.  It cost us £16 and the boys got plenty of fresh air and exercise.

The boys had a fantastic time, there was a lot for them to interact with and explore.  We made a little video of our visit if you would like to see what we got up too there.

Much younger children were visiting too and they seemed to be having a whale of a time as well.  The initial games as you go into the attraction would appeal to lots of different ages, you can throw hoops, make music, dress up, paint with mud and much more.  

Plenty to keep your child occupied and there was no time pressure you just go round the attraction at your leisure.  On our way out we even returned to those games and had another quick go.

There were lots of sensory items, children could feel different textures as they made there way along the trail.  My two preferred the action element, crawling through a tunnel, going down slides and navigating over bridges.  We made a point of wearing wellies for our visit and that was a good call, as you can get quite muddy!

We did the den building for a while; they boys always enjoy this activity.  There was lots of wood, branches and planks for them to make their structure.  Afterwards they wanted to camp out overnight but I had to usher them along to finish the trail!

It was a lovely area, lots of picnic benches if you wanted to bring lunch.  The owners really have managed to make somewhere that is everything childhood is about, one big adventure!  The staff were very friendly and I really love the whole concept.

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