Sunday, 12 February 2017

Bodafon Farm Park Llandudno

If you happen to be in Llandudno and on a budget the Bodafon Farm Park is ideal, as it’s a free attraction.  So if you want to give your children a couple hours of fresh air its worth a visit.  

We had been to see LEGO Batman at the cinema and wanted to make sure afterwards that the boys did something else that didn’t involve screens.  My wife is a stickler for breaking up screen time with outdoor adventures, even if its raining!!!  Plus they had the Lucky 8 ice cream cone at Cineworld so there was a lot of sugar to burn off...

You can pay for the animal feed (£1 a bag); pony ride and tractor ride if you want too.  

But you could just enjoy looking at all the lovely owls; youngest did a head count of all the dead chicks that were their lunch!!!  Charming. How gorgeous is this owl, it looks like a plush toy its so cute!

We all liked watching the deer and the boys enjoyed the new wooden fort.  The fort is a good addition to the farm park.  It’s a good size and had lots of space to explore; I turned into a troll to chase them round.

The grass was a bit slippy so the boys left covered in mud!  But childhood and mud go hand in hand right?!?

The tractors the boys liked but must of them were in a state of disrepair, which is a shame as I can imagine if it was busy there would be a struggle to get a go.

It was a bit overcast and cold when we arrived so very quiet.  It was nice to have the place almost to ourselves, I think most people were hiding in the cafe.

We have been before and had the wood fired pizza, which comes highly recommended by us.  This occasion was more of a flying visit so we just bought feed for the animals not us this time.  When its warmer I am sure we will be back again for the pizza.

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