Friday, 3 February 2017

Blists Hill Victorian Town

The wife had been here on a school trip with her History class growing up and said the boys would love it.  She was right, even though she went in secondary school and they were much younger.  It’s not your average museum it’s a whole recreated Victorian town complete with characters in costume going about their daily business.  It’s so authentic; you feel like you really are there I think that’s why its such an appealing place however old you are.

It’s a fantastic attraction and very educational, its like you have been transported back in time, with all the sights and sounds of that era.  You can even have the tastes – with the incredible traditionally cooked chips or lovely baked bread!  The boys were quick to visit the sweetshop too. 

It’s a vast attraction with lots to see, even more so if you visit in the summer holidays when they have a fairground.  Children will love exploring around the site, seeing inside the Victorian cottages and watching traditional skills.  We went in the Easter holidays so the boys were able to do decorate candles.

It’s getting on to three years since our first visit and I think we are all eager to return and not just for the chips, fruit buns and sweets!  

We enjoyed that chance to really live out that period of time.  Facts on paper can be hard for children to digest but taking them somewhere like this it makes history more palatable.

Black Country Living Museum is similar I think and the wife has that on her list of attractions still to visit to see how they compare.  If it’s anything like Blists Hill Victorian Town we are in for a treat.

There are 10 Ironbridge based attractions in total, this one and Enginuity we can definitely recommend.

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  1. I really want to visit this place! It looks great and what a fab way to encourage an interest in history!