Friday, 6 January 2017

Visiting KidZania

If you happen to go anywhere near London on your travels I would recommend visiting KidZania.  We coincided it with one of our visits to LEGOLAND, as there isn’t a huge distance between both attractions.

This attraction even I like because I can sit and enjoy a hot drink and cake whilst the boys enjoy participating in various job roles.  Although I guess you do rush around a bit if you want to get the most out of the experience for your children.  The wife tends to plan ahead so when they finished one job role we knew where exactly the next one was, so no valuable time was wasted (you only get a four hour slot!).

The wife doesn’t really do days out by halves… she likes to make sure the boys get to do EVERYTHING they want.  It can be a bit intense… but I guess it does mean we get value for money on our days out.  She always brings snacks too so the boys can keep going, a pack of raisins or mini cheddars and they happily continue onto the next job without grumbling.

The place itself is great; we have been to this attraction twice now so the boys have pretty much covered all the jobs they wanted to do.  Certain roles can be quite busy like the pilot and fire department so if you’re planning on arriving when it opens perhaps head there first.  Each room is themed just like the job they are doing so it feels like a real immersive experience that is like nothing the boys had done before.  It gives them a little taster of future careers they might be interested in.

They really enjoyed the air conditioning and going through the pipes, collecting de-activated kidZos to return to the vault and making wraps (they left with a pack each for their efforts).

As an estate agent you get a little clip on tie (love the little details like that!) and you go off into KidZania and take some measurements.

It's worth having a picture in the jail will its bendable bars!  Children love pretending to have super strength to escape.

Children earn kidZos for the work they do, but don’t get too caught up on this - pick out the experiences they will enjoy rather than the ones that pay the most.  You soon realise just how many kidZos you would need to get anything decent and its an eye watering amount!  Some of the activities you use your kidZos to pay for (usually the ones that require making something to eat or drink!), you get 50 kidZos when you arrive so don’t worry about spending them, you tend to leave with a little treat too in those jobs.

I don’t think we will visit again just because I feel we have crammed in so much into our precious visits I don’t think the boys have much more they want to experience there.

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