Wednesday, 18 January 2017

The Wife's Five Year Travel Plan

The wife read her friends Five Year Travel plan and its kind of inspired her to want to do the same.  Thanks for that!  She’s got restless feet as it is but now she wants to stretch her wings and fly off into the sunset!

The wife is hopeful that if she arranges her ideas and gives me plenty of notice they might be more likely to happen.  I am still keeping a tight rein on the finances so she’s going to have her work cut out that I can tell you.  She’s even gone back to entering holiday competitions because if we win surely I can’t say no to her…


I was hoping for low-key this year but apparently she has other ideas.  She is thinking beyond the UK and I am thinking much closer to home – will we meet in the middle?  Nothing is officially booked for 2017 yet, but then again we are only in January and she is already pestering to book a trip abroad so I have a feeling she will have broken me before the year is out.  It’s either:

Disneyland Paris

She keeps looking up deals and seeing what the options are.  We have done a lot of the theme parks in the UK so she is eager to try some further a field and this place looks so magical apparently!



This theme park has lots for all ages and in April Ferrari Land officially opens too, although there doesn't look a huge amount extra there apart from a rollercoaster  that would scare the living daylights out of you!!!  Staying here we could have a day trip into Barcelona the boys would love to go round the football ground.  

I would happily settle with Cornwall – although the wife would say let’s do all three!  It is our 10th wedding anniversary this year so she might try and use that for leverage to get her own way.


My wife turns 40 this year so she wants to go all out.  The only thing is she wants to do so many different things she can’t quite settle on just one.  Each of these holidays would take some considerable saving but I don’t really want her hopes dashed when it’s the BIG 4-0, so once she does finalise which one I guess I will do my best to oblige.

Bahamas – just so she can see the swimming pigs!  No other reason so it does seem a long trip just for pigs.

Beaches Resort for all-inclusive luxury – lazing on a beach, whilst the children have everything they could possibly need activity wise does sound pretty appealing.  Shame the boys can't stay at the Sandals in Exuma as that has a trip out to see the pigs and would tick off two things on her list in one go!

Florida – this would be action packed knowing the wife, it would be a non-stop itinerary of theme parks.


A cruise – it’s an effective way to see more destinations on one holiday.  It’s either the Mediterranean (Italy is calling to my wife apparently, although I could be swayed by the pizza, pasta and ice cream!) or the Norwegian Fjords with pretty backdrops of waterfalls and mountains.


The wife is intrigued by China, to see the Great Wall, have a tea tasting and just appreciate the natural beauty of the place.


My 40th this year so technically I should be able to spend the holiday budget however I please - so that means I would plan lots of DIY!  The wife will no doubt think that is boring.  I did mention that I fancied going to Canada once so she will probably try and roll with that.

So do keep an eye on my blog to see how successful my wife is with her travel plans.

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