Thursday, 12 January 2017

My thoughts on Gypsy Wood

Another day out we enjoyed in North Wales but have only been the once so far was Gypsy Wood.  I think it was more to tick it off our list of things to do in the area but we ended up having a surprisingly pleasant day out as a family.  I guess the wife wants to cram in as much as possible before the boys outgrow certain places.

Gypsy Wood is a mixture of different things but somehow it works – you have model trains (complete with lots of buttons to press – children love buttons!), farm animals, magnetic fishing, sheep racing, a wetland walk and a park all thrown into one attraction.  

You also get one ride on Woody’s train included in the entrance price and the train driver was lovely very engaging with all the children.  

Animal feed and donkey rides weren’t included in the entrance but they were inexpensive.

The boys liked the animal handling session and got to meet rabbits, a chicken and groom a horse.  If you have younger children who love fairies they will like the “magical” side of Gypsy Wood, you can meet a fairy princess and go on a fairy hunt.  The boys met the princess although they were shy about it and we didn’t know about the fairy hunt unless that is a newer addition to the activities there.

There was a musical tree house where children could bang out some tunes and burn off some of their creative energy!  They have really tailored this attraction to appeal to what children enjoy doing – making a loud noise!!!

A few bits looked dated but they do seem to be investing and making improvements every year but on the whole it was excellent value for money and a memorable day out.

Sometimes the simplest attractions are the most interesting and this one definitely kept the boys entertained - all for only £21.99.  This is what we paid on our trip in 2015, so prices might have changed – I just checked for you and it seems to say £24.99 now but still very affordable, even the Reluctant Traveller can’t grumble at that!

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