Tuesday, 31 January 2017

Glasfryn Parc

Well Adventure Saturday saw us heading to Glasfryn near Pwllheli to enjoy a game of ten-pin bowling and see what else the place had to offer.  We haven’t visited this attraction before but always see lots of leaflets promoting it.  The whole aim of Adventure Saturday is to try and see different places, so its nice to tick another off the list.

It’s been a while since we played ten-pin bowling, so we were all a little rusty!  The last time was in Center Parcs and that was a good few years ago.  The boys are happy enough as long as they are hitting some pins down when they don’t they get a bit sulky!!!

The wife managed to get a spare and a strike though although most of the time she would knock down ZERO!!!  It was all or nothing with her haha.  I did warm up to it slightly and got better for the second game.  The only frustrating thing was our lane kept playing up, so we had to get someone to bring the pins back as they would fail to appear!  It must have happened five times…

After ten-pin bowling us boys went go-karting.  You have to be eight to ride solo so I took youngest round the track.  He didn't seem to mind as the steering wheel actually worked so under my supervision I let him do a few corners...

It was a good experience and both the boys were very animated about it afterwards.

The wife liked all the safety precautions in place, helmets were worn and gloves and overalls then a video was watched before they were let lose on the track.  Eldest drove round at quite a sedate speed I think the video had made him worry about going too fast and being reckless.

We would have liked to do the archery too, but it was quite cold and blustery so thought it best to leave that for warmer weather.    

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  1. The go karting looks like something we could do in the Summer!