Sunday, 15 January 2017

Brainiac Workshop and Show

Yesterday we ventured into Llandudno to Venue Cymru for the Brainiac Workshop and Show, it was a complete bargain the workshop tickets were free and we only paid £3 each to watch the show.  I think that’s how the wife convinced me to go but it was really good so I was glad we did!  I think it was MUCH cheaper than normal because of the Take Part initiative in Llandudno, it seems that it might be £14 and £16 otherwise.  Although having experienced it that’s still good value – where else do you see so many things go up in smoke and laugh so hard in the space of 60 minutes.

The workshop involved a scenario were the Brainiac’s lab coats had been stolen and you had to help them work through the clues to pinpoint the culprit from the list of potential suspects.

The boys learnt how to take fingerprints, it did get quite messy but the Brainiac team had the forethought to have baby wipes available!  They then looked at the fingerprints left at the crime scene to narrow down the list of suspects.

With three remaining it was time to undertake further tests.  I don’t want to give too much away and ruin the element of surprise.  So no spoilers here but it was rewarding to see how delighted everyone was when they got the answer right and the culprit was correctly identified.

The show itself had unreserved seating and somehow we ended up in the front row – I think we should have sat a safer distance back because sparks were literally flying at us!  We were sitting as far back in our seats as we could but the sense of danger was exhilarating… as the Brainiac’s electrocuted themselves, dabbled with hydrogen, oxygen and nitrogen, made smoke rings and one of them nearly projectile vomited from his super charged office chair stunt.  A few moments you literally hold your breath…

It was the most incredible experience from start to finish, lots of VERY loud explosions and belly laughs because the guys on stage were hilarious!  It was like they were always destined to be mad scientists!!!  

You will leave thoroughly entertained and educated but possibly slightly deaf. Perhaps bring ear defenders for the little ones or sit further back (although remember your sense of adventure!).

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