Wednesday, 1 August 2018

How To Survive a Long Flight to Australia

Now, there’s much to love about a trip to Australia. It’s a fantastic destination, full of awesome cities, inspiring views, and just a few creepy crawlies. But let’s not pretend that it’s all exotic and adventure. There’s also the matter of the flight, which, to put it bluntly, is damn long. Yet nothing worth having is just given to you, so if you want to explore the delights of the Land Down Under, then you need to buckle up and take that flight. And actually, the journey doesn’t have to be so bad - if you take a few steps to make it easier and better to manage! We take a look at how below.


Emphasize Comfort

If you look at footage from people taking flights back in the fifties and sixties, you’ll notice something: they’re all dressed like they’re going to the fanciest restaurant in town! Fortunately, we’ve mellowed out a little bit, and now no-one is expected to get dressed up in their Sunday best just to take a flight. And this means that you have a lot of freedom when it comes to getting comfortable. Wear the comfiest clothes you have in the wardrobe; you’ll appreciate it when you’re six hours in.

Consider the Upgrade

The flight to Australia is expensive to begin with, so you’re probably not too excited about the prospect of spending more money than necessary on the flight, but really: if there was ever a time to consider a seat upgrade, surely this is it? You’re going to be in the air for longer than you’ve ever been before! It might just be worth splurging on that additional legroom and fancier meals. Rest assured, few people who pay for the extra ever end up regretting their decision.

Have Something to Look Forward To

There’s nothing worse than being on a long flight knowing that it’s just phase one of a long journey. If, after you finally land, you need to get a bus to another city, then pick up a car and drive even further, then even the end of the flight won’t feel like a relief. It’s best to count down the final hours of the flight knowing something good is coming your way. If you have an amazing Sydney hotel booking for when you land, you’ll be able to bear just about anything on the flight. Soon enough, you’ll be living the high life!

Treat Yourself

Flight snacks can be expensive, but sometimes you just need to know when to splurge. If it’s a long flight then you’ll have food and, hopefully, a few drinks included, but what about champagne, or a cocktail, and the like? If you’re in a situation you’re not crazy about; it’s best to make the best of it!

Entertainment Options

Finally, and for your own sake, load up entertainment. The journey will be much more fun if you have fully charged devices, books, and other options to keep your mind off the fact that you’re going to be forty thousand feet in the air for the foreseeable future.

Friday, 6 July 2018

What to drink in hot weather

During the heatwave we have been having its important to drink the right things.  You need to stay hydrated and cool!  It's not so bad on your travels as those hot countries are better equipped for the weather but here in North Wales we have had a good few weeks worth of extreme heats with no sign of it stopping!  I am definitely struggling, we have no air con or even a fan to take the edge off.  On holiday its okay as I don't have to do much, just relax and unwind.  But at home I have all my chores and work to complete.

So what should you be drinking during a heatwave?  You might have noticed yourself getting more headaches because of the heat so its important to keep on top of how much you are drinking.  Twice this week I had a bad migraine so I know I need to do something to keep on top of it.

Tea is a mild diuretic so your probably best choosing something else.  Whilst we were on holiday in Orlando I hardly had any tea which is most unlike me.  But then I didn't have any headaches.

Buy a blender from a site like MyJuicer and then make up some fresh juices.  It's best to lengthen them with soda water so they are very refreshing!  We lose a lot of water sweating so don't forget to keep the fluids coming when the temperatures are higher than usual.

Tips to stay hydrated

Add lots of ice cubes to keep the drink as cool as possible.

Consider coconut water it has been proven to aid re-hydration!

Cucumbers can hydrate you better than a glass of water so why not add them to your juicer, with 96% water they are perfect to help with your thirst!  Watermelons are also high in water (92%) so another great ingredient to add to your juices.

Water on its own isn't always the best choice surprisingly, because it does not have the same minerals as what your body has lost.  So using a juicer and thinking about the types of fruit and vegetables you juice can make a real difference.

Fingers crossed you manage to stay refreshed in this heat.

Monday, 16 April 2018

How to Get a Good Night’s Sleep on Holiday

I don’t always sleep very well on holiday.  I guess its because my routine is a bit up in the air.  I am probably used to my own mattress I have at home too.  Anything different doesn’t seem quite as comfy!  We are all creatures of habit after all.  There is nothing worse than tossing and turning for hours, watching the clock and wondering if you will ever go to sleep...

Here are a few tips to help you achieve a good night's sleep when away on holiday:

Buy a Mattress Topper

I was looking at the deals on Groupon and thought I might buy a mattress topper.  They don’t work out very expensive and are portable enough to take away on our holidays in the UK.  Then I can transform any mattress into a much cosier one.  They aren’t particularly pricey either, with the Groupon deals you can get a decent one for about £20.  It seems a wise investment if it improves my sleep.

Pack other sleep essentials

An eye mask is a good idea if the bedroom is brighter than your usual room.  Earplugs are a handy piece of kit if you are staying somewhere noisy.  Hotels have a lot of people walking up and down the corridors late into the night, getting a decent night’s sleep isn’t always possible.  Using your ear plugs will block out a lot of that and hopefully you will drift off into a peaceful slumber.  If you have a favourite pillow even bring that along.  It might mean you get a better quality of sleep.

Try and go to bed at your usual time

We should have done this with the boys on our latest holiday, as we let them stay up late and they were particularly cranky!  Sticking to your normal cycle of sleep hopes you nod off even when your away from home.

Avoid the wrong foods

I tend to eat more sugary treats when I am on holiday and that plays havoc with my sleep patterns.  The extra sugar seems to act as a stimulant and even when the lights are out I can’t shut down.  Try having a class of milk as that contains amino acid called tryptophan which boosts the hormone that encourages sleep.

Learn relaxation techniques

Holidays can be quite stressful so find ways to calm yourself before bed.  Listen to music, try a spray of soothing linen spray (lavender for calming properties or vanilla).  Try running a warm bath to get your body ready for sleep. 

Ask for a quieter room

When checking in think about the location of your room.  The end of a corridor will be quieter than in the beginning when all the guests have to pass your room!  Consider putting in a request for a quieter room so you don't get disturbed as much.

Fingers crossed these tips will help you sort out your sleep problem and you can enjoy your holidays with renewed energy!