Monday, 15 January 2018

When I have needed Money Fast for my Travel Plans

There will be times in your life you will need to get your hands on money fast, especially if you have booked a holiday away and need to be prepared!  I don’t have a regular pay cheque, I am my own boss working from home and some months are better than others. 

My job has its pro’s like the flexibility of choosing the hours I work but there is the definite downside of uncertainty when you don’t know when you will get your next paid assignment.  It can make for some lean times, when you really don’t know how you will pay the bills or put food on the table!  Fortunately, husband has a more reliable income stream and we can juggle it between us usually, although there are times we struggle.  It’s when we need to buy for extra’s and can’t afford to wait until I may or may not get another paid gig.

As I am gearing up for our holiday in Florida I needed some quick cash to make sure I had my travel insurance in place and I sorted out our ETSA’s so we could fly to America.  

Both things I wanted wrapped up before it got too close to my travel date.  Some things you can’t leave too late when going away, things like passports need time to process so you often end up spending money getting them sorted even when your bank account is empty!  For passports you need to leave about three weeks, so if you don’t think you will get money in your account on time, it might be worthwhile borrowing some just to get the ball rolling.  The last thing you want to do is have to cancel an expensive holiday just because you didn’t sort out your passport in time!

My bank account is not playing ball at the moment but luckily there were other options I could turn to!  I did my research on quick loans as I wanted to be organised.  As it is the Electronic System for Travel Authorisation (ESTA) didn’t take very long to process, it lasts two years but I wanted it sorted in case we encounter any problems.  Not that we technically should as a family we don’t do anything remotely shifty so there is no reason to stop us from travelling!  But even though I know that in theory until all of us was approved I worried.  I like to have everything sorted well in advance.  If you’re a traveller like me you don’t leave anything to chance, you get all the paperwork in place so you can relax and really enjoy going away.  Last minute plans equals extra stress I don’t need.  The ETSA takes 72 hours to process, but can happen MUCH quicker as we found out, but people do get denied every now and then for all kinds of reasons so don’t leave it until last minute in case you need to fill out more paperwork.

The travel insurance I felt I needed to get organised early as if something came up health wise that prevented us from travelling the money spent on the holiday would have been lost.  So, borrowing some money to get that reassurance was worthwhile.  I feel much more prepared for my holiday now.  Passports ready, ETSA approved and travel insurance in place, whether you have money or not some travel preparations cannot be left too last minute!

It didn't add up to all that much, the ETSA's were about £10.42 each (we did need four though), the travel insurance £180 and renewing the passports £72.50 each for the adults and £46 each for our kids.  But when you don't have the money straight away it feels like a real strain paying out those costs.  Don't put off getting them sorted though because a cancelled holiday will cost you a lot more in the long run and some times things take longer than you expect.

Saturday, 13 January 2018

What to Look Out For if You Want to Learn About the History of Your Travel Destination

If you’re the kind of person that likes to truly delve into a location and to learn as much about it as possible while you’re there, you need to think about how you can do that. It’s a good idea to find out as much as you can about the destination’s history while you’re there because this is often very interesting and there are many different ways in which you can do it. Here are just some of the things you should do and look out for if you want to learn about the history of a travel destination you’re about to visit.

Pay Attention When Walking in the Streets

It sounds like a simple thing to point out, but you can learn a lot just by paying more attention to your surroundings as you walk around the streets of a town or city. Those streets are the locations in which history unfolded, and if you ask questions and pay attention to landmarks, statues and signs, you will undoubtedly learn a lot about the location you’re in.

Historical Buildings and Castles

Buildings and architecture tell you a lot about the history of a city, and that’s something that you should keep in mind as you explore a new location. Places like real castles and manor houses will tell you about history going back a long time. But even 20th century architecture can tell you a lot about the recent history of the place you’re spending time in.

Local Cafes

Sometimes, the very best way to learn more about a place is to talk to the local people, and where do you find those people? That’s right, in the local cafes and bars. Spend time speaking to locals and soak up as much of the information as they’re able to give you. No one knows more about a place than the people who actually live there.

Galleries and Museums

Much of history is told, documented and responded to via works of art. That’s been the case throughout the course of human history, and it’s the same in pretty much every country on the face of the earth. There are plenty of galleries to explore, and there are usually museums that you can go to as well; they’re temples of learning, so make the most of them!

Walking Tours

Walking tours can be useful if you want a leisurely stroll around an area guided by someone who knows the location and its history. Most towns and cities will have some kind of walking tours available, and you just need to look online to find them. Once you’ve found one that sounds interested to you, book up a place.

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What’s the point of visiting a place if you aren’t going to make an effort to learn about everything it has to offer you? It makes perfect sense to go that extra mile and learn about the history of a location because then you’ll be able to understand how it became what you see today.

Thursday, 11 January 2018

Substantial Reasons To Consider Investing In A Holiday Home

Skipping the traditional package holiday and opting to invest in a holiday home instead is a huge decision for most families. However, it is well worth considering as there are so many positive benefits associated with it. To find out what they are, and whether this is a viable option for your family, keep reading the post below.

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It's convenient

One of the most significant benefits of having a holiday home is that it gives you a place to escape to whenever the fancy takes you.

This is actually a something that can be incredibly positive in you and your family's life because it means that you can quickly and easily take a break for you chosen duration without spending hours online reading reviews of places and accommodation.

In fact, if you do a little bit of investigation work beforehand and identify the fastest and cheapest way to get from your residence to your holiday home, you can pretty much go whenever you feel the need for a break coming on. Something that means you have a special place to enjoy with your family at your disposal at all time of the year.

The cost isn’t as much as you think

One of the largest factors that prevent people from buying a holiday home is that they believe they can't afford one. However, if you combine the issue that you can pay out a lot of money for breaks during the year, as well as the fact that you can quite easily get a mortgage for a holiday home now, it is actually a much more affordable option that you might think.


Of course, to successfully be granted a mortgage you will need to do some specific research on how the process works in the area and country you are looking to buy in. Something like the advice at is really what you need, for the place you are hoping to buy in. The reason for this is that you will need advice that outlines in detail, all the aspects you need to be aware of when attempting to get a holiday home mortgage to avoid encountering any problems in the long run.

You can make it your own

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The fact that you can truly make a holiday home you own is another advantage that makes it a sensible choice. This is because you can have that home away from home experience, and decorate it in a style that suits your personal tastes and needs. Something you can read about how to do at

If you are looking at holding to the property of the long term, you can even consider installing extra comforts like saunas, and a hot tub. Something that can make your vacations even more relaxing and luxurious and the best thing is you won't have to share them with any other hotel guests as they will be all your own! Although, its best to check out posts like first to get some advice on which one to buy.

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It is also pretty handy to have a place to call your own when holidaying with the family. This is because you can ensure that you always have all of the items that you need such as baby changing facilities, particular types and sizes of beds, and even an enclosed outdoor space or garden in which the children can play safely. 

There is also the benefit of being able to cook whatever food you like if you have your own kitchen to access. Something that will allow you to easily have a relaxed evening in if you choose, save money on eating out at restaurants all of the time, and even enabling you to feed fussy kids grub you know they will eat. 

You can choose location that you love 

Holiday homes are also a fantastic idea because it means you are guaranteed to get accommodation in a location that you love. Somewhere that you might find on the list at Now, this might not sound like a big deal, but it can be a real problem, especially if the place you wish to go gets booked up very quickly, or there is a famous festival or celebration on there that you like to attend. 

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In fact, you will often find with the latter situation that accommodation can be booked up years in advance and can cost up to 5 times as much as it would the rest of the year. Something that can mean holidaying in that area at that time is well out of your price range. Of course, you shouldn't have to worry about this if you have your own holiday property, and you will have the added benefit that if you choose not to go one year, you can rent your home out and earn a fortune for only a few weeks of bookings too.


You can make money when you aren't there

Renting out your holiday home when you're not there is a benefit that is available to you, not just during festival weeks but for the entire year. Yes, you may need to be organised and decide ahead of time when you would like to use the house so you can open it up to guest the rest of the time, but doing so can make it much more affordable.

This reason for this is that you can put the rental income that you make towards the mortgage costs. Something that will be quite high if it's in a popular holiday destination.

You can truly relax

Something else that can make a holiday home a clever choice is that it provides a private space in which you can truly relax and decompress from the worries of everyday life. It's simple really if you think about it, you can hang around in a hotel in your pyjamas if you want but you will be limited to your room, and if there is more than two of you, this can get pretty crowded and uncomfortable quickly.

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However, if you have a vacation home to call your own you can easily have a slobbing day where you choose to relax and do nothing, and you will have the run of the whole property to do it in. No getting dresses for meals, or to be able to go outside if you don't want to. Something that can make it a much more relaxed and less formal atmosphere that if you are staying in a traditional hotel.

It's a great adventure for the unadventurous

A particular reason that holiday homes are so popular is that they make the perfect adventure for the less adventurous. This is due to the fact that they allow you to experience the culture of a different place or country, see new sites, and have new experiences, all against the backdrop of a familiar place that you can retreat to whenever you feel the need.

This is something that can help those of us that want to see more of the world, but don't like the cultural overwhelm that can come with it. Something that makes it a great investment for families that contain both more and less adventurous members.

You can use it as a retirement home later on

It is also important to note that a benefit not everyone considers when buying a vacation home is the fact that it can easily become your retirement property later on in life. After all, it's in a place that you love, and by then will probably associate with a lot of positive memories. It also a place that you will probably know quite well, and it's even possible that you will have made friends and acquaintances there by the time you ready to retire.

You will, of course, have to look at the rules for living in that property full time in you are considering this option. Something that might affect you if it's in another country, in which case you may have to emigrate. It may also be an issue if your holiday home is located on a campsite in the UK, as described at as with many mobile homes you can only legally live there for a certain number of days in a row.

You can get a professional company to manage it for you

Another big draw for many families that choose to invest in a holiday home is that there are companies out there that you can pay to manage them for you.

Consequently, they will come in and clean and prepare the property before your visit or after someone else has stayed. The companies like the ones listed at are usually pretty local as well, which means they are in the perfect position to check on the maintenance of the site when you aren't there, as well as keep an eye out for any security issues that may arise. Something that can really provide families with peace of mind that they need to be happy with their purchase.

It’s a great investment that can be cashed in at any time

Last, of all, don't forget that one of the biggest reason to buy a holiday home is that it is an excellent financial investment that can be liquidised at any time if the need occurs.

This means that if you choose carefully, you may be able to actually make money in the long run from the simple joy of having space to spend your vacation time in as the post at suggests. This means investing in a holiday home can be a sound financial decision, as well as something that your family will get endless enjoyment from, making it a great choice no matter which angle you look at it from.